When selling your home these elements are crucial to attract buyers to your home. When meeting with a homeowner who needs to sell their home, we use these winning strategies to achieve their ultimate goal of selling their home to move to the next chapter of their lives.  

Once you put your home on the open market, it is a business transaction that requires finesse, expertise, and a marketing campaign to net you the most money in the end.


Having clarity on your end game and the purpose to move a property is what guides the entire process. 

Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, so we make sure that there is an end goal. 

The end goal can be to take the equity and buy another home or to invest in another property. We’ve even had homeowners sell because they wanted to fund their retirement account. 

The point is, know your “Why” and communicate that to your Realtor, family, and those important to this transition. 


Price is everything. 

Your Realtor can spend thousands of dollars and have an amazing marketing campaign, but without the right price it doesn’t mean anything for your end game. 

Knowing what is selling in your neighborhood is crucial. 

The reality of a home’s value is what a buyer is willing to pay. In pricing your home, there is a sweet spot that will attract buyer’s. Spend time analyzing the comps with your Realtor so you know the price is right for your home. 


Pricing a home too low will just mean those buyers who are looking for a deal, will think your home is it. 

Pricing a home a hair below comparable sales will create a tension with buyers that can result in multiple offers.  

There are zones within a city that will net a higher or lower price depending on the location. 

Let’s look at the City of Santa Monica. The median price of a home is $________. 

However, if you look at the home price by zip code the story is different. There is a minimum of a $1,000,000 difference depending on which side of Santa Monica a home is. 

90% of buyer’s will see your home online within the first 2 weeks. They will come see your home at an open house or schedule a showing with their Realtor. After the first 2 weeks, they are making an offer or waiting for the price to be reduced.  

It comes down to this statement: do you want the buyer’s to chase you OR do you want to chase the buyer’s for your home? 

Along with a marketing plan, the list price is essential.



Have you ever had a professional photograph or video taken of yourself? Perhaps a headshot? If so, you didn’t just roll out of bed for the photoshoot, you most likely had your hair done, wore your best outfit, and had your makeup just perfect. 

The same goes for your home, before any pictures are taken of your home. Go room-by-room and see what needs to be taken out or added. Have your Realtor and a professional stager go through your home so you know what needs to be done prior to your photoshoot. 

Staging sells a home % faster, investing in staging comes back to you. Hire a stager to stage your home, even if it is already furnished. 

Remember, when you’re selling your home you want to appeal to homebuyers who live differently than you. 

Selling your home is a process of letting go. Let go of your idea of your home.




With 90% of homebuyer’s online, having an online marketing campaign is everything!  

Starting with professional photos, hire a professional photographer - DO NOT accept anything less for your home. 

A homebuyer will pass your home up if the photos don’t look right and are not high resolution. 

Appearance MATTERS!  Would you leave your kids with someone dressed in an orange jumpsuit and the back of it said, " Property of LA County Jail " ?

Along with professional photos the new virtual tours are 3D Matterport. This allows a buyer to virtually walk through your home. We have many relocation buyers moving to Los Angeles who will decide to make an offer on a home by an online tour. 


Once your home has been photographed, it is essentially ready to be listed for sale. Consider a “Coming Soon” campaign to generate a buzz about your home.

 The majority of Los Angeles markets have low inventory and homebuyers are waiting for the next home to hit the MLS. This will give buyer’s and their agents time to get their offer together. 

Using Facebook advertising, retargeting, and networking we are able to get a head start. The first 2 weeks on the MLS are crucial, and having this head start gives your home a leg-up, and can result in multiple offers.


Why multiple offers? Why not just accept the first offer that comes in? The California Association of Realtors created a “Multiple Counter Offer” form for a reason, use the tools that are available to you. Because you want to net the most in the end for your next chapter in life. 

A few other reasons multiple offers come in handy, if your accepted offer falls out you have a backup offer. When a buyer does their inspection, they will most likely ask for credits or repairs. Having a backup offer can help to soften the blow and negate any extra time on the market if for some reason your offer falls out. 



Along with the marketing plan, a followup system needs to be in place. Offers don’t always magically appear in our inbox. It takes a system to follow-up with buyer showings, and agents to get a momentum going. It might not be sexy, but knowing who to call and when can make all of the difference. 

When a buyer expresses interest in your home online, who gets back to them? How quickly is their call or email returned? 

Having a system in place to capture all of the information for your home buyers is essential. 


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